piatok 15. októbra 2010

ŠPERKSTRET´10 is coming....

The forth international conference of contemporary jewellery in Bratislava (Slovakia) Sperkstret´10, follows short running tradition, evolves consciousness in this art discipline and creates the space for meeting of Professional artist-jewellers and theorists in this sphere.

This year the main topic of the conference “Schmuck Causa” will be reflecting field of art jewellery from different points of view and connections (free art versus applied art versus design and so on). The aim is to encourage a search across disciplines for new inspiration and offers a forum for dialogue and discussion. It is a two day conference accompanied by several exhibitions. Sperkstret conference 2010 will take place at the Accademy of Fine Arts and Desing in Bratislava, room no.135 ( It is a nonprofit action, entry is voluntary).

Program of the conference you can find here.
All the support events you can find here.

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