utorok 5. októbra 2010

Ursula Guttmann

We are proud to present Ursula Guttmann as a lecturer for ŠPERKSTRET conference 2010.

Jeweler, textile designer from Austria. She studied at The Textile Department at the University of Art and Design in Linz. She also studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Since 2000, she has had her own studio in Linz. She also worked in Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid and Rotterdam. She is inspired by organic forms, and often transfers it to her creations through the unexpected materials. www.ursulaguttmann.com

Brooch, Bi-Bi, silicone, steel, 2006

Necklace, Body extensions II; Silicone, Nylon, red gold, chain, 2005

Body piece: [x] : tension 1 - 2009 - silicone, steel Symbiosis shirt and object

Body piece [x] : tension, organic symbiosis, Performance Pixelhotel Linz, 2009; Photo: E.Grebe

Performance xtension by Ursula Guttmann in Linz, Austria in 2009.The work´s concept is a symbiosis of body objects integrated in a top

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