streda 6. októbra 2010

Daniel Kruger

We are proud to present Daniel Kruger as a lecturer for ŠPERKSTRET conference 2010.

Daniel Kruger is a well known artist – jeweler. He studied under the lead of professor Hermann Junger at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He is the head of the jewelry studio at the University for Art and Design, in Halle. His works have been exhibited widely by galleries and museums internationally and he was recognized with awards and respect worldwide for his contributions to contemporary jewelry. Daniel Kruger is a versatile artist. Not just his disciplines - he makes both ceramics and jewellery - but the variety of his ideas and themes. Much of his inspiration is from historical and ethnic sources.

Brooch, 2008
I use many different materials, both rich and poor. The forms vary from organic to geometric, the organic however seems to prevail. Texture, pattern and colour play a big role, as does sensuality both in the shapes as well as in the use of material. Many pieces have a distinct erotic quality. I like symmetry; often pieces are made up of pairs. For ideas I draw on natural forms and artefacts of all kind, both historical as well as contemporary. This I believe is evident in my work. The crafting of each piece is part of the creative thinking process. The jewellery I make is to adorn a person, to be a celebration. Its place is the body and its intention is to enhance the wearer as well as to be an object of contemplation to be taken in the hand and looked at from all sides. It is both jewellery and an artefact conceived and made by one person for the enjoyment by another person.”
Daniel Kruger

Necklace, 2006

Brooch, 2009, back site

Brooch, 2009, front

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