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SPERKSTRET / little bit of history

The Jewellery Slam SPERSTRET tradition was initiated in October 2004 by prof. Karol Weisslechner (Head of metal and jewellery studio at the Accademy of fine arts and desing, Bratislava). First lecturers was the Dutch jeweller Rian de Jong, Peter Zimmerman from Austria, a former assistant from the Prague studio of Metal and Jewellery Petr Vogel, Czech jeweller Lída Šikolová, art theorist and the organizer of international jewellery symposiums from the Museum of Czech Paradise (Muzeum Českého ráje) in Turnov Miroslav Cogan, alumni of the S+M+L_XL studio of Metal and Jewellery Sylvia Jokelová and Lucia Oreská, who are the authors of the ZOOM project (jewellers from Austria and Slovakia participated) and the Slovak author Daniela Mládenková. One of the events accompanying the conference was an exhibition of the S+M+L_XL studio of Metal and Jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava „What do you want SPY EYE...“ („SPY EYE čo chceš...“) in gallery Medium.

Two years later the event was held again. The lecturers included Theo Smeets, professor from our partner school in Idar Oberstein, Germany, sculptor and jeweller Peter Skubic from Austria, reputable Slovak art theorist Ágnes Schramm, Czech jeweller working in Austria Petr Dvořák, Jiří Urban – a Czech visual artist, designer and co-owner of a jewellery company specialized in work with Czech garnets, and an alumni of the Slovak Metal and Jewellery studio Jana Machatová. As a part of the conference a collaborative exhibition of students from the German Fachhochschule Edelstein und Schmuckdesign Trier and students from the S+M+L_XL studio at the Metal and Jewellery department at the VŠVU in Bratislava, was organized bearing the suitable title „Ex Change“ in the Medium gallery. The exposition reflected works of young German and Slovak artists created during their exchange programs at the partner school’s studio.


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