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SPERKSTRET 2008/ Related events/ Exhibitions

There were also several exhibitions held as part of the Jewellery Slam SPERKSTRET’08 program.

-Travelling Symposium, jewellery exhibition
Czech centre, Bratislava
(This exhibition together with the author concept of Mira Podmanická a Hana Kašičková called Interiors, exhibited in the Nuée gallery (9 - 20 October 2008) were at the same time a part of the official opening for the 3rd international conference Jewellery Slam SPERKSTRET’08)

Travelling Symposium - exhibition
Travelling Symposium - exhibition
Travelling Symposium - exhibition
- Golden Folder, Jewellery exhibition of studio SMLXL Medium Gallery, Bratislava The most eye-catching event of Jewellery Slam ‘08 was the opening of the Golden Folder exhibition presenting works created at the S+M+L_XL studio of Metal and Jewellery in gallery Medium, combined with the introduction of a catalogue under the same name. The catalogue lists works by current students, alumni and the studio’s faculty. As the individual solitaire pieces and collections have diverse concepts and utilize different means of expression, the exhibition was executed so as to show the whole multispectral scene of Slovak jewellery making and at the same time created an inspirational dialogue with the exhibition of the Travelling symposium project held at the same time. The Golden Folder exposition included chosen author collections presented in various suitcases instead of glass cases, installed in order to create an atmosphere of a baggage depository
Golden Folder
Golden Folder
Matej Bezuch 02 - jewellery - PhD student at the S+M+L_XL studio at the Metal and Jewellery department, introduced his work at a solitaire exhibition in the HIT gallery
HIT Gallery Bratislava
Symposium Kremnica 2008, jewellery exhibition
Meteorit theatre gallery, Bratislava

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