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Between Construction and Emotion

The aim of Jewellery Slam SPERKSTRET 2008 was to interconnect all lectures and discussions with a unifying theme, which would embrace the current way of thinking and direction in the field of jewellery making, thus the choice of invited lecturers was adjusted accordingly. In a two day long marathon of lectures with the topic Between Construction and Emotion 13 national and foreign lecturers interested in different trends were introduced.
Headliners of the program included a trio of professors associated with the field of architecture: Deganit Stern Schocken from Izrael, the department head of the Brtaislava S+M+L_XL studio of Metal and jewellery Karol Weisslechner and the head of the Prague Metal and Jewellery studio Eva Eisler (CZ).
Three striking authors dedicated to jewellery from the female perspective were: Sylvia Jokelová (SK), Stefanie Klemp (D), Bety K.Majerníková (SK).
Three jewellers with a markedly individual approach to creation were introduced: Gisbert Stach (D), Kepa Karmona (SP), Ulrich Reithofer (A).
The theoretical basis and curator practice were represented by: a Czech theorist and art historian Miroslav Cogan (CZ) and a co-ofounder of the Travelling Symposium project Sonia Ruiz de Arkaute from Spain, art and esthetics theorist Jozef Kovalčik (SK), jeweller and art theorist Mária Nepšinská (SK).

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